Francois Mikus is the chief architect of Acktomic Net Architects Inc.Acktomic logo

Acktomic.com’s mission statement

  • providing pertinent information and technical insight into practical network architecture and security
  • provide know-how into delivering network security monitoring and architecture
  • presenting the professionnal services that acktomic offers

Acktomic Net Architects Inc.

  • Provides contractual professional services to enterprise customers
    • Using risk analysis and understanding of effective controls
    • Security analysis, design and delivery
    • Secure network design
    • Network monitoring and security monitoring integration
    • Applied knowledge of varied devices and systems such as logging engines, switches, routers, firewalls, next-generation firewalls, IDS, SIEM, VPNs, proxies, load-balancers, sniffers, monitoring systems, probes, taps, terminal servers, SSL accelerators and NSM stacks.
    • Expertise in more protocols than you can shake a stick at

To get in contact with our chief architect, send an email request at info at acktomic dot com.

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