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Francois Mikus

DNS event trending as an NSM component

  Making use of time series trending for network security monitoring. A short history with examples. Time series trending tools like: Cricket, Cacti and Torrus focus on performance and availability. Operational teams use these day in day out, the tools are there to organize and display reams of data in …

Removing spikes from RRD databases

RRDs are fixed size databases for storing time series data. They collect information given to them and normalize it to permit trending over long periods of time. Spurious data may inadvertently make it’s way into a database. Treating this data is possible using the following means: Set the rrd-min and/or … changes

Moved to new hosting platform. Put up Cricket Network monitoring extension resources for genDevConfig, genRtrConfig and genAutoConfig . Blog about network management and security using open-source and/or commercial products. New layout for presenting professional services Offer additional development resources and tools for the cricket SNMP network management system Provide development …