genDevConfig is a profile generator for use with the Cricket or Shinken network management system. It will create a unique profile based on the type of device being targeted and its services.

genDevConfig is a versatile and extensible network script that exploits the power of Cricket or Shinken to provide a fast and simple way to manage hundreds of network devices.

The premier network device profile generator for Cricket is genDevConfig 2.x and for Shinken genDevConfig 3.x for the following reasons:

  • Flexible options to cover varied collection needs
  • Integrates seamlessly with threshold collection
  • Writing and sharing device recognition plugins with others has never been easier
  • Distributed with cricket itself (currently in cricket CVS) or on github for the Shinken version
  • Hierarchical output for devices with hundreds of interfaces (Not for Shinken)
  • Device agnostic; creates profiles for servers, ups’s, switches, routers, firewalls
  • Replaces the other profile generators meant to be used with cricket such as: listinterfaces, genCatConfig, genRtrConfig and CHIRP. The two notable exceptions are perfmon for windows based devices and a number of devices that have not been integrated from CHIRP.
  • Replaces the gazillion SNMP check plugins for Shinken
  • Support for many common devices out of the box.

Visit the Download page  for the latest version of genDevConfig and other scripts.

To learn more about genDevConfig and Cricket profile generators, please consult the genDevConfig 2.x reference manual. The manual is aimed at genDevConfig neophytes, power users and developers. The reference manual has not been updated for genDevConfig 3.x yet.

To obtain genDevConfig command-line arguments, execute the following command from your $CRICKET/util directory.

./genDevConfig – h

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